Professional Engineering Services

Essex Weld Solutions provides packaging designs to meet professional engineering requirements for the global automotive market. Ergonomic standards are included and testing with simulation software to allow safe production process for loading and unloading. Push pull carts requirement, lifting, swing arm weight, push pull pins and various other ergonomic requirements...

Annual Rack Certification

Essex Weld Solutions can provide annual rack certifications for all your shipping and storage containers to comply with OSHA requirements. 

On-Site Modification

Essex Weld Solutions offers on site modifications and upgrades. We offer freight saving and expedited services to accommodate current production requirements. 

Robotic Welding

Essex Weld Solutions uses robotic technology to produce high quality structural assemblies for high volume production. Tight tolerances and lower costs are achieved utilizing robot weld cells and positioners.

Tube Laser

Essex Weld Solutions fibre optic automated tube laser allows us to increase production and lower material processing costs while improving quality standards. 

Employee Welding a hole through a steel bar
Two automated robot arms welding a long steel bar