Two automated robot arms welding a long steel bar

Ews roboto challenge

Yazaki group every year hosts a big robot challenge in Durango city, the participants need to be Mechanical and Mechatronics engineers from all superior college and institutes, in this case our winners belong to the ITD (Institute Technological of Durango) last semester of Mechatronics engineering, the general rules of the challenge include:

  • Max dimension on length, width and height must be 13" or less
  • Max weight must be 10kg or less
  • The robot must resist height test and still being functional for the challenge (quick repairs are allowed after height test)
  • The main objective is to immobilize your opponent in a certain way not to cause damage
  • The robot must be self driven (so every robot make a self decision to immobilize the opponent), RC control is not allowed to control the robot.
  • Any kind of material can be used on the construction of the robot, there is no limits

In the picture above, from left to right we have every member of the team Tuchiâ, the name of the robot is the name of the team as well.

Names of Participants:

  • Carolina Soria
  • Francisco Martinez
  • Mario Verdin
  • Alejandro Avitia
  • Sadrac Martinez